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Memorial Videos

The purpose of a memorial video from Keepsake Videos is to make the process of planning a funeral a little bit easier by taking this task off of your plate.  We will provide you with a video that can be played at your funeral service, or at the reception afterwards.

We want to make the process of ordering a video as easy as possible.  Once you provide us with the photos and a little direction, the next time you should hear from us should be to view the finished product so that you have space to focus on everything else.


We also offer interactive videos, as a keepsake for your attendees to take with them after the service. These heartfelt gifts give your attendees access to all of the photos in the slides show, photos many may have never seen before, but would like to hold on to.  These photos are provided in a creative, interactive format, and we would provides you with an easy way for them to access this gift.  

Sample Memorial Video

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Sample Interactive Memorial Video

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 2.42.21 PM.png

Sample Memorial Video 2

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Sample Memorial Video 3

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